Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Age of the Database

"But they had the most opaque obstacle in the world between them and the truth: money."

"because computers cannot come to us and meet us in our world, we must continue to adjust our world and bring ourselves to them. We will define and regiment our lives, including our social lives and our perceptions of our selves, in ways that are conducive to what a computer can “understand.” Their dumbness will become ours. "

This, friends, is the Age of the Database. If you own a phone, or a computer, or go to the store, or go to the bank, or interact with the government, or utility company - in short, if you are a human being - they influence and undergird your existence as much as any phenomena in human history. You interact with them constantly, and your behavior is in turn tracked by dozens of databases a day. They way the computers handle all of that data is fascinating - in an Orwellian fashion. The people who have figured out the best ways to collect, process, and leverage that data are the modern titans of commerce and influence.

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