Thursday, December 22, 2011

The KKK Took His Reason Away

One must be careful when criticizing church leaders, lest it appear the criticism is directed towards the church itself. Still, ignoring absurd behavior by church leaders puts the church at risk of being associated with negative things.

So - let me be clear - I have the utmost respect for mainstream religions (and many out of the mainstream). I draw the line at church leaders who say and do dreadful things behind the cover of their religion.

Francis George is the cardinal of the Chicago diocese, making him an incredibly influential and powerful man. I posted a link to an article about him regarding his pointed attack on the conscience of our governor. The governor recently gave an award to a woman who was raped and responded by devoting her life to helping other women who had been raped. The award was given at a Planned Parenthood clinic, which caused George to lash out at the woman and the governor.

One wonders how George could have missed the universal understanding that it is never good form to demean a rape victim.

Further, as per the laws of the state, the governor supports the rights of gay couples to adopt children. In response to this, George has banned Catholic Charities, until recently the leading adoption agency in Illinois, from helping with any adoptions, thus denying hopeful couples of any sexual orientation from assistance the church once provided. Do I even need to point out that this will delay placing children desperate for care and attention in loving homes?

George is in the media again today after making the remarkable statement to a Fox News reporter that the Chicago Gay Pride Parade and the gay community could morph into a KKK style group if allowed to parade past a Catholic church.

Aside from the wrongheadedness the statement reveals, is George aware of the study that showed that 60% of American Catholic priests are gay (The Changing Face of the Priesthood, by Donald B. Cozzens)? Is this any way to speak of the people you supervise?

Redemption through acceptance of Christ as your savior, living a life of compassion and forgiveness. How does George's actions align with these Christian Ideals? What would Jesus do, indeed.

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