Thursday, September 22, 2011

Standardized Testing

How would Newton, or da Vinci, or Einstein, or any other great minds of human history have done had they been required to take standardized tests? Humankind didn't seem to be stuck in a cycle of failure in the absence of standardized testing. The obsession over the "failure" of schools is a fairly recent phenomena. In fact, standardized testing and failure seem to have a fairly symbiotic relationship.

By the way, Einstein did take a standardized test, an entrance exam to a Swiss university.

He failed.

Thank goodness they weeded the incompetent bastard out.

"Tests used to be just for evaluating students, but now the testing of students is used to evaluate teachers and, in fact, the entire educational system.  On an individual level, some students and parents have noticed a change — more standardized tests and more classroom and homework time devoted to preparation for them.
So what exactly do test scores tell us?"
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