Saturday, March 3, 2012

Information Regarding Pedophile Priest Scandals

A few years back I had the distinct displeasure to discover an employee of the institution I worked at was viewing and collecting child porn on his work computer. This began a gut wrenching experience,  culminating in my testifying at his trial and his being convicted. Being naive in these matters, and being shocked to my core by what I saw on his computer, I did what is my nature, I educated myself on a topic I would have preferred to be blissfully ignorant of. What I discovered rocked my world. I have the utmost respect for the Catholic Church, having worked in a Catholic school, and being aware of the charitable impulses they nurture around the world. But, as I learned how complete the involvement of the upper hierarchy of the church was in protecting scoundrels at the expense of innocent victims I began to view the operation as suspect. Recently I shared an evening with two of the most well read, compassionate people I know. Somehow the topic of pedophile priests came up (I believe another case had been in that day's papers) and they both expressed skepticism at the depth of the problem, suggesting the media was turning it into something greater than what it is. I was surprised at this response and told them I would provide them with information that might disabuse them of their skepticism.

I don't like having to present this sort of information, it is painful. What I like even less is the pervasiveness of the crime of criminal sexual abuse of innocent children. To not acknowledge this horror is risk passively allowing it to continue.

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