Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Kindness of Inherited Wealth

"It began with that former part-time governor from Alaska whose craven groping for fame left her so forgettable it's hard now to remember her name. Then came The Donald, the prince of perpetual priapic bluster, who still hasn't figured out that genuine affection cannot be bought. Then the parade of cartoon caricatures, from the dim Michele Bachmann and the dimmer Rick Perry to the slime of Herman Cain and the dregs of humanity that is Newt Gingrich; even Rick Santorum, that champion of Medieval social values who was tossed from his last held public office by a whopping 18 percent of the vote, finally had his 15 seconds of acclaim. Ron Paul continues to inspire some, but he never had potential to be anything more than a side show, his glittering little tent secretly adorned inside with tattered Confederate flags.

Republican politics, in particular, long has been purely personality-driven, and the problem with Mitt Romney is that he has no personality. He is a living, breathing, walking enthusiasm gap. The man has taken so many positions on so many issues it's impressive that he is able to remember where he now stands on anything. Or maybe he needs only keep one finger to the wind. And absolutely no one believes that once the primary season ends he will remain committed to anything that is more substantial than a mote of dust. Other than the obvious Republican boilerplate of assisting the accumulation of as much wealth for as few people as is possible, it's impossible to know if Romney believes anything at all. He is a man without principles. He is a man without charisma. He is a man without charm. He is a  man with a large campaign warchest, and that is all he is. A very large bank account. He has always depended on the kindness of inherited wealth and personal and political connections.

There is nothing about Mitt Romney for Republican base voters to trust. There is nothing about Romney on which swing voters can grab hold. Trying to capture the essence of Romney is like trying to catch a wisp of smoke or a handful of water. He is a hall of mirrors. If not for that large family, one would wonder if there is any real Romney at all. And this is supposed to keep his party engaged for nearly a year? Will hatred of President Obama be powerful enough to drive depressed Republican voters out of their beds much less to the polls?"

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