Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mitt Shows How the Game is Rigged

Mitt Romney done us a service. The tax discrepancy between salaried earnings and  has always been an abstraction, difficult to frame in terms working stiffs can understand.

Now the electorate can vividly see that this stunningly wealthy guy is paying about half as much as they are in taxes. The fact that he didn't want this to come out shows that he is quite aware of the unfairness of this class divide.

This, Mitt has shown the tens of millions of middle-class salaried workers, is how the game is rigged. 

The con was always that investment income somehow, if only it isn't taxed like salaried income, magically makes jobs grow like mold in a Motel Six bathroom. Since Bush introduced this tax rate gift to his wealthy peers the job creation rate has been as stagnant as a tea party members frontal lobe. It doesn't increase jobs, but it does quite effectively help in shifting the tax burden to the ever suffering middle class. People like Mitt, with only 4 houses, and $200 million on the books, have suffered too much.

MItt didn't help himself when he suggested he just makes a little bit off of speeches, and it turns out he considers hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a little bit.

On the same continuum, at the last debate Newt Gingrich, a man who has used connections from his days as a public servant to become a millionaire, denigrated NY public school janitors for making too much money due to the influence of their union. This from a man who was paid $1.6 million to be the "historian" of a government connected organization he once said is so corrupt it should be dismantled. If there is a more odious man on earth I would be surprised.

Mitt, the man who joked that he loves to fire people, the man who bet $10,000 like it was pocket change, the man who said he only makes a little bit - like $374,000 a year, from speeches, just keeps revealing how things work in his privileged life.

So now the cards are on the table. Rich guys pay half what we pay in taxes and they want your vote so they can give us even more of what's best for them.

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