Sunday, January 1, 2012

Are We a Nation, Or Not?

The Democratic party, for all it''s flaws is, in a way, all that's between us and a nation that turns it's back on it's ideals. The GOP has a vision for America that is deeply troubling, a sort of corporate Somalia. Neil Steinberg says it's time for the Dems to stand up and fight for their beliefs.

"This fresh 2012 brings us the exact same burning issue that the old 2011 offered. That singular “issue” is deliberate — only one key question faces the United States, though it is so obscured by the steaming frenzy of politics, by Mitt Romney’s hair and Barack Obama’s vacations and such, that I don’t think most people even know what the issue is, even though most debate flows from it.

So I’ll state it clearly, in just six words:
Are we a nation, or not?
If we’re not a nation, if we’re just a bunch of individuals and businesses who happen to share the same continent but want to look out for themselves and be left alone, with no obligation to one another, then vote for any Republican who wins the endless primary process. Any of them will take office and, while not dismantling government — that’s a ruse — will work to pitch the parts they don’t like: environmental regulations, industrial safety standards, limits on the rapacity of big business, to the degree that what shred of human decency might be left will allow.
Or are we a nation? The Democrats, in their own stumbling, timid way, labor under the notion that American citizens have an obligation to each other, to educate our kids, to preserve our environment, to promote science, to see everyone can get health care — every other developed nation but ours seems to have figured that one out. What do they know that we somehow can’t grasp?
That is my wish for 2012. That the Democrats do not lose while trying to slink to victory disguised as the Tea Party with a social conscience. We’ve had three years of Obama talking gently to Republicans while they tie his shoelaces together. No more."

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