Thursday, December 8, 2011


I believe it was Mel Brooks who said that "tragedy is when I stub my toe, comedy is when someone else falls into an open manhole and dies."

Albert Pujols got a few million more from the Angels to play baseball than he would from my beloved Cardinals. Since either number was more than he will need in ten lifetimes, perhaps he can insulate his casket with some of it. Good for him.

What he won't have is what Stan Musial has - the everlasting respect of an entire community, a sense of loyalty, the absence of the karmic implications of disappointing countless young people, a baseball card with only one city on it.

Albert got the money he always felt he was due, but he lost things much more important than being the richest guy at the crematorium.

I know that there are much more important things in the world, but as one who is so shallow as to view baseball as a sacrament, I've just stubbed my toe.

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