Friday, November 4, 2011

The Scandal is What Cain Believes

"Just before allegations surfaced of supposed boorish behavior by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, he was on the Sunday morning TV talk shows explaining his complete opposition to allowing American women to decide whether to have an abortion. He is, he said, opposed in all situations — even rape or incest — with no exceptions. If a woman’s life is imperiled by pregnancy, well tough, go ahead and die . . . This is my first column on Cain, because I couldn’t quite believe that the same people who three years ago denounced Barack Obama as lacking sufficient governmental experience to be president, with his brief stint in the state legislature and lone term as senator, could turn around and embrace a mantra-mouthing pizza salesman and Washington lobbyist who has never been elected to anything. The hypocrisy is too staggering. That such a man would present a smiling image when everything was going his way and fall apart at the first crisis should surprise no one. At least we discovered it now and not after he was elected."

Neil Steinberg hits the ball out of the park with his column this morning on Herman Cain. That Cain is a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination illustrates just how misguided, hypocritical - and dangerous - the "conservative" movement has become.

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