Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cubs Sign Epstein

"Back in 1982, the Cubs were announcing their new season’s motto — “BUILDING A NEW TRADITION’’ — at a news conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Dallas Green had been with the Cubs as president only a few months, but the new slogan was his way of thumbing his nose at the Cubs’ losing ways. 
As the lights dimmed for an inspiring video presentation, marketing assistant Buck Peden got his tie caught in the screen that was lowering from the ceiling. The film that came on was nothing but unreviewed spring-training footage of pitcher Fergie Jenkins making endless pickoff moves to first base.

As new PR man Bob Ibach saw with horror what was unfolding, Cubs photographer Barney Sterling keeled over with a stroke. The camera toppled sideways, and the film kept displaying images on the wall. In the back of the room, the real Fergie Jenkins was partway through changing from street clothes into the new Cubs uniform, pants on the floor, and chaos reigned.
Ibach remembers that he couldn’t let go of the spring-loaded screen or Peden would be strangled and that through all of it, Green stood in the back of the room, stunned."
The Cubs have signed Theo Epstein, the man who brought a World Series to Boston, as their new leader. Rick Telander discusses what he has stepped into.
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