Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Class Warfare

"Republicans have a problem now. In the Kemp-Reagan days, they were selling across-the-board tax cuts. Most of their benefits flowed to the rich, but almost everyone got a piece. Today, many Republicans complain resentfully that less prosperous Americans don't pay enough in taxes — overlooking the fact that citizens who don't pay income taxes still shell out a significant share of their earnings in payroll, sales and (directly or through their rents) property taxes."

E. J. Dionne's commentary in today's Chicago Tribune made me jealous. He put into words things that have been rattling around in my head for some time - thus the jealousy. He writes about the transformation of the GOP from an organization with a rich history of solutions to a cult like organization that has one answer for any problem - cutting income tax on the wealthy. Lately they've taken to actually criticizing people for being poor, suggesting it keeps them from paying taxes, ignoring the fact, as Dionne points out, that the poor are hammered by regressive taxes that have little effect on the wealthy.

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