Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Tax Money at Work

It is hard to be shocked anymore by the crookedness of politics. But as a guy who just started receiving a modest pension from a pension plan that has political hacks circling around it like vultures, it is hard not to be outraged by the revelation that a couple of dozen Chicago labor leaders somehow have been receiving huge pensions for a few years of city work at low wages. These same shameless jackasses simultaneously grab huge salaries by feigning to represent working folks. It's no wonder the public is starting to get restless regarding public pensions - and no wonder honest folks are being unfairly lumped with a few connected scoundrels.

To add to the outrage, top state Democrat Senator John Cullerton, close personal friend of Mike Madigan, political insider par excellence, who recently advocated taxing pensions like mine for the first time, appears to be the hack that created the loophole that got the union leaders these obscene, unearned pensions.

Please tell me someone will go to jail over this.

"All it took to give nearly two dozen labor leaders from Chicago a windfall worth millions was a few tweaks to a handful of sentences in the state's lengthy pension code. The changes became law with no public debate among state legislators and, more importantly, no cost analysis."

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