Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unbelievable Night of Baseball

"The sequence of events Wednesday evening may have created the greatest, most intense night of baseball in memory . . . After all, the Rays spent much of the night in the worst state of psychosis, trying to process how their season could end without a fight, so flatly, being shut out at home on only two hits through seven innings. Yet they ended it in the delirium of beer showers and champagne popping and plastic strewn over lockers, trying to explain without much success but gigantic smiles how their dead carcasses are still alive."

It does not need to be verbalized, but I will anyway. Baseball is God's greatest creation.

So we agree on that.

Last evening, my boyhood team, the St. Louis Cardinals, improbably won entrance into the playoffs by coming from far behind in the last month of the season.

But it was in the Junior League that had one of the most remarkable finishes to a season ever late last night. I normally doze off while watching Letterman, but last night, since it was the last day of the season, I turned on the Boston vs. Baltimore game and found myself watching the finish to not one, but two games that a screenwriter wouldn't have dared create as a work of fiction. Nobody would have believed it.

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