Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steinberg Column

"Why yes, Chinese Communists and American Republicans do share some startling similarities.
Both are convinced that lack of government factory standards — for pollution, for worker safety, regarding the wholesomeness of consumer products — is the secret to building a sound base for an economic future . . .
We are at a moment when we find out if Chinese Communists share another alarming quality of Republicans — the ability to sap the will of Barack Obama, to be the Kryptonite to his erstwhile super political strength."
Neil Steinberg of the Chicago SunTimes is my favorite newspaper columnist. Thoughtful and thought provoking, he is a great author as well, having written several books, one of which, "Drunkard" somehow details the horror of alcoholism in an informative and entertaining fashion.

Steinberg has written a column today that will set his critics hair on fire, managing to offend both ends of the political spectrum at once.

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