Friday, September 23, 2011

"Class Warfare"

Of all the memes propagated by those with self-serving political agendas, none is more insulting than shouting "class warfare" when the wealthy are asked to increase their contribution to the public purse. The rich, it appears, have suffered too much, and aren't going to take it anymore. 

But the facts show that the wealthy are paying less taxes than at anytime since 1950 and that America's corporate tax rates are at historic lows compared to our economic competitors. In an era when the richest 400 people in America own more wealth than the 150 million poorest people in America, I don't think our biggest problem is picking on the wealthy. 

"this claim of "class warfare" that Republicans are touting is something quite dangerous. It's an expression of a deeply cynical vision of our country, in which everyone is out for themselves, the suffering of the least fortunate is of no consequence to the most fortunate, and the American dream is off-limits to those who have lost their footing in a devastating economy. "

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